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Podiatry Care Specialists, PC
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Why go to a Podiatrist?

"Why go to a podiatrist? Podiatrists are well-trained physicians that specialize in the foot and ankle. Podiatry school is a four-year degree following a college education. Starting in our very first year, we begin to focus on the foot and ankle, including six months of anatomy, specifically on the foot and ankle. After four years of rigorous coursework, we go on to hospital based residency programs in which we hone our surgical skills. We spend 3-4 years in hospital based work, prior to entering into private practice. Following residency, we are required to go into a comprehensive pathway to certification. We are mandated to re-certify often to ensure our skills and knowledge continue to be up to date, making podiatrists the most qualified to treat conditions of the foot and ankle."
Alexandra K. Grulke, DPM, FACFAS, CWS
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Trained in all aspects of podiatry, with special focus in pediatrics and foot/ankle reconstructive surgery