I can say only good things about this practice, and far more than this space will allow.  I met Dr. Friedman the first time three years ago when I broke my foot, and twice again for subsequent breaks.  He is knowledgeable, helpful, proficient, and more.  He listens.  He cares.  And I would trust no one else with my ability to walk.  He and his staff have gone over and above every single time I have been a patient, and I never tire of referring others to him every chance I get.  If you want beyond-excellent care, as well as skill and helpfulness, THIS is your doctor and THIS is your practice.  To go elsewhere simply is wasting your time. 


I have spent many years in the healthcare system on both sides of it, and have watched it turn from service providers to physicians as vendors of services.  Dr. Friedman and those in Podiatry Care Specialists still practice as physician care used to be—caring, helpful and they put the patient first.  Every time.  And I would not trade my experience with them –ever. 


- Donna