There’s no denying that your activity level has gone down since you were diagnosed with diabetes. You know you should exercise more and try to stay active—but the thought of suffering an injury keeps you from lacing up your shoes. Is getting back on your feet worth risking a foot injury that could result in amputation?

A Good Podiatrist Should Treat and Prevent Diabetic Foot Injuries

Foot SilhouetteWhile many podiatrists offer services to treat diabetic foot injuries, this is not enough to stop patients from suffering future ulcers. That is why the doctors at Podiatry Care Specialists, PC make lifelong health commitments to our patients, helping to cure what ails them and to prevent future problems before they occur.

Our comprehensive diabetic wound care includes many different services, such as:

  • Ulcer Treatment. Patients will often need to be seen in our clinic after a cut on their foot has become infected. Patients with neuropathy often do not feel a break in the skin, and poor circulation can cause infection to spread throughout the body. Our podiatrists can help stop the spread of infection to help patients avoid amputation of their foot or leg, and also teach patients how to prevent these injuries from occurring in the future.

  • Nail and Skin Care. Many foot injuries are caused by the patients’ own toenails digging into the sides of the nail bed. We always inspect our diabetic patients’ feet for potential problems, trim your toenails in a way that prevents ingrowing, and pumice dead skin to make injuries more noticeable. We offer guidance on proper foot washing, drying, and moisturizing to prevent fungal infection, can suggest approved products (such as moisturizer and socks) to help avoid injury, and demonstrate foot maintenance techniques to help patients care for their feet at home.

  • Shoe fittings. Seniors often wear the wrong size shoe, increasing the chances that they will suffer blisters, toenail problems, calluses, and other foot injuries. A well-fitting shoe not only decreases the risk of foot wounds, but also improves balance and stability, helping the patient stay active. We have a designated therapeutic shoe fitter onsite, and participate in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program to give qualified patients shoes that fit at no cost to them.

  • Prevention. Diabetes is a daily struggle, and we help out patients cope with the symptoms every day. Preventing injury is the most effective way of overcoming serious foot problems, so we help our patients stay vigilant about their foot care. We ask them to keep a close watch at home for any changes in their skin color, sensation, or pain levels, and work with their primary care doctors to ensure all treatments are working together.

Diabetic Wound Care Begins With the First Step

The podiatrists and staff at Podiatry Care Specialists, PC want to be your partners in diabetic foot care. We advise patients on all aspects of their condition from footwear to diet and lifestyle choices, helping them do all they can to keep them healthy and active. We can help you change your life, but we need your help! Call us today to make an appointment with the Podiatry Care Specialists, PC office nearest you.

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