After limping through your big day, it finally happened: the injury you were trying to “play through” will not be ignored any more. You hate the thought of giving up your training in order to recover, but now you realize you don’t have a choice. The only question now is, how long can you expect your recovery to last?

Common Sports-Related Foot Injuries (and How to Treat Them)

Soccer Ball in NetAthletes often suffer foot injuries due to the intense pressure placed on their feet. A hard or uneven playing surface, repetitive play without proper rest, and inadequate healing time can all lead to chronic, painful foot problems. Consider how the following activities can place your feet at risk:

  • Team sports. Many team sports activities require jumping, hard landings, sudden changes in direction, or even hard contact with another player. We can repair foot and ankle damage caused by repetitive stress or playing on artificial surfaces such as turf toe and Lisfranc injuries. If you have sustained multiple fractures in the bones of your foot, we can provide surgical reconstruction, pinning, and proper healing through immobilization.

  • Running. Running or jogging will often result in joint injuries, and ankle problems are prevalent in the running community. Professional and amateur runners alike may sprain, strain, or fracture their ankles, especially if they land on the side of their foot and “roll” their ankles to one side. If the injury has stretched or torn the Achilles tendon, surgery may be required to restore the patient’s mobility.

  • Martial arts. In addition to the traumatic injuries involved in martial arts and kick boxing, competitors will often suffer overuse injures such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, and ankle sprains. Athletes who suffer multiple injuries to the same foot may notice a lack of stability in the leg, affecting balance and walking gait. Some patients can have the instability corrected by surgical shortening of the tendon.

  • Aerobics. Exercise can place a high demand on the feet, and adding weights and resistance only increases the forces that are placed on the foot and ankle joint. Patients who do not offset the stress on their feet by wearing proper athletic shoes can suffer fractures, ankle sprains, and may be at higher risk for arthritis in the ankle joint. In many cases, proper footwear and custom orthotics can relieve the pressure on the foot.

We Make It Easy for Injured Patients to Get Help Fast

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