Your feet and ankles are responsible for holding you up, amongst other important duties, so if they are weakened in any way, it makes their job difficult. Ankle instability is a condition caused by an injury that did not heal properly, or most commonly by chronically “rolling” the ankle again and again. When a person constantly “rolls” their ankle inward, the ligaments that support the joint stretch and loosen and can no longer be supportive. This results in the ankle joint “giving out” when walking or even standing still. It can also occur during activities such as running and jumping.

Ankle InjurySymptoms of Instability

Chronic ankle instability is characterized by constant pain, swelling and tenderness, difficulty in jumping or running, and a feeling as though your feet and ankles cannot support your weight. It is important with any ankle sprain or “rolling” of the ankle that you are evaluated by one of our expert podiatrists. We can ensure that the problem heals correctly, avoiding future issues. Resting, icing, and elevating the area are helpful at home treatment modalities to utilize in the meantime.

Early Action is Key

By paying us a visit as soon as symptoms are noticed, ankle instability can be diagnosed and treated immediately, minimizing the extent of the condition. X-rays are important in evaluating the ankle joint and bones. An MRI may be warranted to visualize the soft tissues, including the tendons, muscles and ligaments, surrounding the ankle joint. Once diagnosed, we can determine the treatment plan that best suits your needs.

There are many treatment options for ankle instability including cast boots and ankle braces that keep the ankle in place, preventing it to roll. Physical therapy exercises can strengthen the joint and improve balance as well as range of motion. Anti-inflammatory medications can also help, and if worse comes to worse, in serious cases, surgery is an option.

When Conservative Measures Aren’t Enough

There are many different surgical procedures which can help correct ankle instability, including arthroscopic surgery and open surgical techniques. Sometimes bone fragments must be removed to alleviate the problem. Other surgeries include repairing or fixing the ligaments. We will evaluate your specific case and discuss the best options with you.

If you have rolled or sprained your ankle over and over again, or have sustained an injury that has caused your tendons and ligaments to stretch beyond their means, don’t delay care! The sooner you call us at 610-431-0200, the better your chances of getting back on your feet and feeling stable and strong. Schedule your appointment with one of our foot and ankle experts at Podiatry Care Specialists today! We have 3 locations throughout PA, so there’s sure to be one near you. You can find us in our new, roomy and spacious West Chester office as well as at Newtown Square, and Exton. You can also reach out to us online. Don’t let ankle instability stop you from enjoying the activities you love to do. Get the help you need by calling us today, and get rid of the wobbly feeling for good!

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