If you are wondering if you should treat a corn yourself, the answer is probably not. Trimming or paring of corns and calluses in the wrong hands can lead to a dangerous situation. The most qualified to do this is a podiatrist, like the professionals at Podiatry Care Specialists, P.C.  

Although many patients treat corns and calluses by applying mild pressure with a blunt instrument such as a metal callus scraper or by using an emery board, you are putting yourself at risk! You should never use a sharp-edged instrument such as a razor blade or scissors on your corns or calluses, either, especially if you have diabetes or circulatory problems. In addition, NEVER USE ANY CORN REMOVER PRODUCTS! These contain acid which will not only burn the dead skin on the surface, but will penetrate deeper and into the surrounding areas. A chemical burn will ensue which can lead to ulcerations and infections. Again, those with diabetes and comprised circulation are at an even greater risk.

The safest way to treat corns is calling our expert podiatrists: Theodore G. Mushlin, DPM, Bradford J. Jacobs, DPM, Chad J. Friedman, DPM, Alexandra K. Grulke, DPM, and Aabha M. Suchak, DPM at any of our southeastern PA locations. Give us a call at (877) 905-5907.

Bradford J. Jacobs, DPM, FACFAS
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