Fungus grows in dark, moist places. Since we have so many sweat glands on the soles of our feet, moisture gets trapped in our socks and shoes, making it the perfect environment for fungus to grow, and not just on your feet—it can attack your toenails too! An infected toenail can become yellow, thickened, and brittle.

Don’t let this happen to you. Treat your feet and shoes with anti-fungal powder or spray. Change your socks frequently, and allow shoes to air out between wearings.

You should also be careful around pools, hot tubs, gym locker rooms, and showers as these warm, damp areas are a breeding ground for fungi as well. Always slip on some shower shoes in public places like these.

If you do catch toenail fungus, we can help. Treatment may include topical or oral medication, laser therapy, trimming and debridement of the damaged toenails, or in severe cases, destruction of the toenail root or matrix. The doctors at Podiatry Care Specialists, PC are happy to help discuss with you the various methods of treatment and determine the one that’s best for your needs. Don’t delay; make an appointment today at one of our 5 southeastern PA locations by calling (877) 905-5907.