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Have a Question About Your Foot or Ankle Injury? Find the Answer Here!

Do you have a question about your condition that nobody seems to be able to answer? Our podiatrists have answered many foot and ankle inquiries, and we have listed the answers here to help other patients relieve their pain. Use the search bar to get fast facts from our FAQ page.

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  • Warts? The truth about warts.

    There are many misconceptions about warts from how they developed, to how to get rid of them, etc. So let’s set the record straight .

    Number one, warts are not caused by touching a frog. Warts, or verruca, are caused by a virus, called HPV. This virus is present in the bloodstream and can lie dormant for many years before you can develop a wart on the skin. The virus is contagious but very difficult to prevent the spread.

    Secondly, homeopathic treatments such as apple cider vinegar, banana mash, duct tape (my favorite) sticking a needle in it, or putting a potato on it or burying a potato when there is a full moon, etc are not effective in the treatment of warts. Due to the wart being deep in the skin and subcutaneous tissue,  strong topical medications are need to be used.  In office treatments consist of using strong acids (stronger than over the counter preparations), skin irritants,  and other topical medications that destroy the wart cell in the deeper layers of the skin. First the area is prepped by removing the dead skin overlying the wart to allow the medication to penetrate the wart tissue. The medication will then be placed on the wart. Afterwards a bandage or moleskin will be placed on the area treated and often kept in place for 24 hours as to let the medication continue to work. This is a painless procedure.

    Thirdly, warts can affect adults. It is true most of the patients who are treated for warts in the office are children it is not uncommon for older adults to develop warts. However, if you do not have a history of warts and develop a spot that is questionable; it is imperative top get it checked out immediately. A patient over the age of 40 developing a wart is less likely and there are some cancerous skin conditions that can look like warts that are more common. A biopsy may be necessary for a patient with a questionable lesion. Warts that have been present for several years should also be checked out and most likely biopsied.

    Warts can be difficult to treat. The sooner the diagnosis and appropriate treatment is started the faster the resolution. So go ahead and let the kids chase those frogs without fear of warts!! Call us today!

  • Why Are Flip Flops Bad For My Feet?

    With the summertime approaching, it is important to understand what can happen with long periods of flip flop wearing. Flip flops are constructed to just cover the bottoms of your feet. They give no support.  For use in showers and pools, they are fine. As far as your regular walking pattern is concerned, flip flops will cause your arch to roll in, have your toes contract, and pinch your nerves. This can lead to bunions, hammertoes, and nerve pain. Blisters can arise and your heels can get dry and possibly crack due to exposure and side to side movement. If you enjoy wearing open shoes in the summer, there are many manufacturers making arch supported, crepe soled sandals. They should have an adjustable strap across the middle of the foot and be supported in the back of the heel to lock it in place when you strike the ground. We want you to enjoy the summer without foot pain.