If you are fighting a fungal nail infection and are considering laser treatment, there is no need to worry about it being painful. Laser treatment for fungal nails, if done by a qualified professional, should not hurt. At times there may be a brief feeling of warmth on the nail plate as the beam of light penetrates the problem nail, but otherwise the technique is pain-free, does not damage any of the surrounding tissues, and has minimal side effects. The laser destroys the infection-causing fungus beneath the nail, at its source, making it a safe and effective option.

Of course, there are other treatment methods available as well. We would be happy to explain them in detail and help you determine which would work best for you. Just schedule a visit at one of our five Podiatry Care Specialists, PC offices in Southeastern PA. Don’t be swayed by ads or commercials—those over-the-counter products are typically ineffective. Instead, get the expert care you need to get rid of your fungal nails by calling us today at (877) 905-5907!

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