There are home remedies for warts which can help to a certain degree. All of the over-the-counter wart removers have the same percentage of acid which is considered safe by the FDA. You must be very careful, though, with the solutions and topical pads to not expose areas around the wart. You can easily burn the surrounding skin and cause a blister, ulcer, or infection. Because warts are caused by viruses and occur mostly around sweat gland areas on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, some sort of drying agent or anti-perspirant can be helpful. Taking a multi-vitamin everyday can enhance the body’s immune response and possibly reduce the virus. In children, there are some oral prescription medications that have been effective but these must be coordinated with a physician. Another home treatment that has contradicting results is the use of duct tape, which should be used with caution. In most cases, debridement is the best way to accelerate the elimination of the wart’s viral tissue.

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