President-elect Joe Biden was playing with his dog and developed pain in his foot.
This commonly happens when there is a sudden twisting of the foot. It is quite possible that his dog, Major, suddenly pulled him, or he stepped in a hole, or planted his foot on an uneven surface.
A CT Scan confirmed hairline fractures to his lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones. These bones are located in the midfoot area. They are part of an inter-locking mechanism that holds the middle of the foot together. As long as there is no displacement of the bones or there is no cartilage damage or ligament tears, he can recover with the use of a walking boot for approximately six weeks. Immobilization of these bones is the key for recovery as well as rest, intermittent ice use around the top of the ankle, and anti-inflammatory medication if needed and not contraindicated. Foot fractures are commonly seen at our office and if you are suffering from foot pain, we can help.
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