Alexandra K. Grulke, DPM, FACFAS, CWS
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Trained in all aspects of podiatry, with special focus in pediatrics and foot/ankle reconstructive surgery

The role of social media in our lives is increasing on a daily basis. We follow our favorite sports teams, the weather and breaking news. I even have found if my children school has closed due to weather on Facebook. In an effort to enhance our ability to connect with our patients we have upgraded our website and information contained within it.

Why are so many doctors using social media? First, social media makes it easier than ever for patients and physicians to connect outside the exam room. With our changing health care environment it can often seems like we don't have the time to converse with patients or answer questions outside of a patient's appointment. Social media can be used to answer frequently asked questions on common topics. About 20 percent of patients already use social media to obtain healthcare information, according to a survey by the National Research Corporation. Facebook tops the list of sites that survey respondents use for such purposes, followed by YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and FourSquare. But since anyone can post, the information that gets passed along isn't always accurate. Patients can do better if they follow links posted by doctors to provide a direct route to credible help. So with our updated website with information and educational videos on numerous topics we can help answer some frequently asked questions. Of course, we are availbale if you have further questions.

Second, social media can enhance the outcomes of patients. New studies and guidleines are quickly circulated through social media to allow doctor's to use the new information rather than awaiting for a journal's publication. This allows these new protocals to be quickly instituted and improve patietns outcomes.

As you can see, social media is a integral part of our daily lives and medical care. We will continue to add educational information and tips to keep our patients informed. Please check back with us frequently to see what is new!

Dr. Alexandra "Sandie" Grulke

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