The Chester County Health Department recently issued an alert regarding an outbreak of Folliculitis.

Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles in the skin. Bacteria, fungus, or yeast can cause this inflammation, which may lead to one developing an infection.  Hot tubs are the most common way of developing Folliculitis.   Other causes include being barefoot in showers, pools, and locker rooms.

The Chester County Health Department is attributing the Mud Run that occurred recently in Newtown Square, PA, as a potential outbreak. The Mud Run, also known as the MuckFest, occurs every year and benefits the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Although it is an excellent fundraising event, as described, exposure to the elements involved in this run may possibly be linked to the onset of Folliculitis. 

The symptoms of Folliculitis may include red pimples on the skin around the hair follicles, as well as itching and/or burning at the site. Treatment consists of saltwater soaks, warm compresses, topical antibiotics, and oral antibiotics in cases of infection.

Preventative measures include showering after exercise and these types of events, using medicated shampoos, avoiding the sharing of towels, and limited scratching of the inflamed area. 

It is important to seek professional evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Folliculitis. 

As a loyal supporter of the Mud Run and MS Society, I will continue to educate my friends and patients who participate in this event and encourage them to practice measures that will ensure their health and safety.


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