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Football FieldEvery year we hear about how many millions of dollars are spent on Super Bowl ads. The average amount of money spent is a whopping $4.5 million. WOW! So imagine our surprise when in the 3rd quarter of the football game comes a commercial for a new topical medication for toenail fungus. Obviously we see a lot of fungal toenails in the office, but the concern of fungal toenails must be growing if a pharmaceutical company can afford to advertise during the Super Bowl! So, obviously there are medications out there to treat fungal toenails, but are there ways to prevent them and keep your toenails healthy? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Cut toenails straight across. Rounding or cutting the corners can cause ingrown toenails to develop. As these shortened edges grow, they have an increased chance of growing into the skin and puncturing it. This can allow bacteria in and can cause an infection.

  2. Do not allow toenails to grow too long. They can lift up from pressure at the end of the shoe. This constant lifting of the nail plate can result in fungus getting under the nail causing a fungal toenail infection.

  3. If your toenails are thick and hard to trim, then soak them or cut them in the shower. The water will soften the nails making them easier to trim.

  4. Remember, if you have diabetes, poor circulation, or other systemic diseases that put you at risk, do not try to trim your nails yourself. If you were to accidently cut yourself, your risk of developing an infection (or worse) is significantly increased. Allow us to safely take care of your feet while performing a comprehensive foot exam.

  5. Don’t forget your shoes! By keeping your feet in a healthy environment—protective footwear—you can prevent picking up toenail fungus from public places. However, your shoes offer a dark, moist environment perfect for fungus to thrive. To decrease your chance of developing toenail fungus from your own footwear, use an anti-fungal shoe spray daily. The sprays are available at all of our office locations.

Follow these simple tips to keep your toenails healthy and fungus-free, so you won’t need to help the pharmaceutical companies pay for their Super Bowl ad! If you do have problems, call Podiatry Care Specialist, PC for an appointment at (877) 905-5907 today!

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