The start of the NFL football season is almost on its way with the 2017 NFL Draft. The Philadelphia Eagles, with their 2nd pick, selected Sidney Jones, the cornerback from Washington. What makes this an interesting pick is that he suffered an Achilles Rupture in March 2017. This type of an injury can take a minimum of 6 months to a year to recover from. 


Let's discuss about this type of injury. The Achilles' tendon is located in the back of the calf muscle. Three different muscles will come together to form this tendon; the Gastrocnemius, Soleus, and the Plantaris. The Achilles tendon inserts in the back part of the heel or calcaneus. There is a weak point in the Achilles tendon where there is a decreased blood supply. This is called the "watershed area" of the Achilles. It typically is 2-6 cm from where it inserts into the back part of the heel. This is a common area where you can see an Achilles rupture or a tear


There are different ways where one can rupture or tear their Achilles. It can be caused from an overuse injury, falling from a height, stepping in a hole, and different activities that involve jumping are just a few ways. One common way is "The Weekend Warrior Syndrome". This can occur when you have not exercised or participated in a certain activity for many months or years, and without warming up or stretching, you exert yourself too much and weaken the tendon (overuse type injury).  It is very important prior to certain physical activities to do some form of stretching 


There are conservative and surgical treatment options when one does rupture or tear their Achilles tendon.

If you suspect you have ruptured or torn a part of your Achilles tendon, please seek professional help.


Here is a link of the actual incident where he ruptured his tendon

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