It’s almost that time of year again... back to school time! Start the 2019 school season off on the right foot by keeping these tips in mind when back to school shopping!

Don’t Assume Your Child’s Feet Are The Same Size.

Children’s feet grow and change frequently. Make sure to measure both feet when shopping for new shoes to ensure a proper fit. Aim for a one thumbnail length between the end of the toes and shoes.

Don’t Ever Buy Used Shoes.

Consignment shops and hand-me-downs are great for a lot of things, but shoes are not one of them. Aside from possible fungus and bacteria, many times used shoes have lost all of their cushioning and padding.

Look For Shoes With Good Support.

Check for a stiff heel by pressing on both sides of the heel counter; it shouldn’t collapse under the pressure. Bend the shoe with your hands to ensure it will bend with your child’s toes; it shouldn’t be too stiff. Try twisting the shoe; it should be rigid across the middle and never twist in that area.

Shop with Your Child.

Don’t buy shoes for your child and bring them home just because the shoes were in their size. Shopping with your child allows you to have his or her foot measured professionally, and that your child can test the shoe for a proper fit, and give you his or her opinion. Kids who learn how to select a comfortable, supportive shoe may be less likely to make wrong footwear choices as adults, which could save them a lot of discomfort.

Shop in the Afternoon.

Your feet tend to be their largest towards the end of the day, which is why it is the best time to begin the hunt for new footwear. If you buy shoes to accommodate this larger foot it will help prevent foot pain and the shoes becoming uncomfortable.

Don’t Buy Shoes That Need to be “Broken-In.”

The best type of shoes are ones that don’t need to be “broken-in.” Your child’s shoes should be comfortable from the minute they are worn for the first time. This will avoid painful blisters on the heels of the feet or top of the toes.

Once the school year is underway, keep an eye on your child’s shoes—active kids may wear out footwear faster than adults. Be vigilant for signs of irritation, such as your child always wanting to remove one or both shoes. The footwear may no longer fit properly, especially if it’s been a few months since you bought the shoes.

Be sure children wear shoes that are appropriate for their activities. If your daughter plays sports, she should wear a good athletic shoe designed for that sport. If your son is a runner, he’ll need a good running shoe. For daily wear choose a good, supportive shoe. Keep sandals, flip-flops and heels for occasional wear only.

If your child complains of foot pain or experiences an injury, take him or her to a podiatrist. Our team of Podiatrists are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat ailments of the feet. Schedule an appointment today using our convenient online appointment request form or by calling 610-431-0200.

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