Podiatry Care Specialists has been a staple in the western Philadelphia suburbs for over 35 years, taking care of all of your foot and ankle needs. With locations throughout Chester and Delaware counties, and 5 experienced Podiatrists on board, we are able to branch out to provide quality foot and ankle care to an even larger population.  From conservative treatment to surgery, our doctors are well-trained and current on all of the latest cutting-edge treatments, enabling you to get back on your feet pain-free, in as short a period of time as possible.

The population in the USA has been on a fitness kick for the past decade and Podiatry Care Specialists has grown from not only treating corns, calluses, bunions, and fungus nails—the basics of Podiatric Medicine—but many exercise injuries as well. We have helped marathon runners, weekend warriors, and the senior citizens who routinely walk in the mall for exercise. Sprains and strains of the lower extremity muscles, tendons and ligaments can be detrimental in trying to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Children and adolescents are playing on their local and travel teams year round and we enjoy helping alleviate symptoms in their feet, heels, and ankles while also dealing with their ingrown nails and plantar warts. One of the most common conditions that we treat is heel pain, which is frequently diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. As podiatrists, no other profession is as well versed on heel pain, its causes, and the biomechanics that contribute to it than us.

In addition, we are dedicated to helping our diabetic patients and their quest to remain healthy. The amount of people diagnosed in this country with diabetes has risen greatly as we continue to live longer. We work together, coordinating care with your primary care physician (PCP), as well as your Endocrinologist if you have one. The doctors at Podiatry Care Specialists will perform a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam (CDFE) at least annually, to ensure that any potential diabetic foot problem will be recognized and treated immediately. Some of our doctors are Certified Wound Specialists and spend time treating patients at The Wound Care Center at Chester County Hospital. Podiatry Care Specialists also participates in the Diabetic Shoe Program which provides Medicare-approved shoes and inserts for our qualified diabetic patients. This program has been shown to be effective in the prevention of diabetic wounds, ulcers, infections, hospitalizations, and amputations.

We take pride in sponsoring and participating in many community health fairs, runs/walks, and other charitable events. This enables us to get out there and educate the community, answer questions, and calm any concerns—something we feel is an important part of providing top-notch care.